31 Juli 2012

THE DAY AFTER MONACO , I see Antoine Arnault (the helm) and his colleagues (the crew)  cross the avenue lined up like ducks lined up like the Monégasque sailing school kids in microscopic boats flanked with macroscopic boats and flagships. Flagships of Avenue Montaigne.

Guardians placed in each and every room of the museum watching people watching paintings, and one can't tell if they dislike the paintings so much and want them out of sight or they like the paintings  so much they want to run away with them as they all move so fast. I go on a visual 'fast' as opposed to a visual feast hence starve and ask a guardian to call me or send me an sms alert  when  the museum receives my favorite paintings which are momentarily out of stock.  
The guardian tells me that beggars can't be choosers and i tell him that calling this whole unwhole thing 'Christopher Wool' is nothing but  pulling the wool over people's eyes. Wool is ticklish so i walk back to Avenue Montaigne to get a Bottega Veneta  nappa eye-mask . 

I start bursting the quill follicles on my ostrich leather bag like one bursts the bubbles on bubbled nylon - which is not the reason the ceramic fish shape ashtray i bought in Portofino as a souvenir got damaged on the way somehow. I hadn't touched any of the bubbles on the nylon it was wrapped in, not till i opened it back home. Back home I go under the duvet and ask the housemaid how i look in my new Calvin Klein and she asks me to get out of bed so that she can judge and i inform her that it's the duvet cover that is Calvin Klein. 

Thinking more about the souvenir than the place that the souvenir is supposed to remind me of feels strange so i decide to look for professional help, and when i find a ceramics repairment atelier that describe themselves as artisans of patrimony specialized in primitive arts and antiquities, i feel relief that my damaged fish shape ashtray will finally be in safe hands. At the atelier, they ask me if the ashtray is a poisson d'avril. I don't understand why but before i go insane i will go back to Portofino to seine one again. TEXT AND PHOTO BEGÜM SEKENDIZ BORÉ