24 Oktober 2009

we belong together

left Robert Gober, Untitled, 1990–93 Wood, leather, cotton, wax, and hair right Michaël Borremans, The Apron 2009 Oil on canvas

but we belong together ! - That's what the jacket says to the client who's trying to separate it from its other half. It's about time they stopped selling jackets and trousers separately and refused clients with unproportional bodies. they wouldn't call them suits if they were not meant to suit, would they ? Tailors and their custom-made suits are there for you ( clients with unproportional bodies ) to feel better (distinguished) about yourselves, so keep your hands off the shelves and leave the store please. This is the plea of a helpless client with a proportional body who couldn't buy a suit for the trousers were missing.