08 Oktober 2009

JIL SANDER the ideal gift for an ideal life !

left Jil Sander S/S 09 menswear (obviously) right artwork by Komar & Melamid- founders of the movement SotsArt- Soviet Pop and Conceptual Art based on Socialist propaganda and mass culture. Sots Art combined the principals of Dadaism and Socialist Realism.

works include portraits of family members and self-portraits in the style of representations of official heroes, and works bearing popular slogans—"Glory to Labor!" or “Onward to the Victory of Communism!” for example—signed by K&M. After the end of the USSR, they created a very long scroll, History of the USSR in Slogans, 1917-1991 . Ironically, all originals of official slogans, which served as an ephemeral conceptual part of Socialist Realism, vanished because no one collected them, and only the slogans painted by K&M survived. source http://www.komarandmelamid.org/